a dose of infatuation

I liked Mr. Nebraska enough to introduce him to the girls.

It’s a monumental step as he’s the only guy I’ve introduced to my girlfriends in the last 6 months. I dislike mixing my friends with my online dating escapades, even if the girls and I talk at length about my experiences. Mainly, I vent; they listen; and together, we commiserate. Continue reading


a game of numbers

The problem with dating today is that you know that everyone is likely dating several people at once.

It’s difficult to gauge when a guy is slow texting back, if he’s busy or if he’s not that interested. I think it’s in us to make up excuses because it hurts less that way. You just say to yourself, he wasn’t that great and you didn’t really care if he asked you out again. And, you have a date with another guy and he might be more promising… Continue reading

handling things with grace

I’ve dated my fair share of guys in real life; and, I’ve certainly dated more than enough guys online to know that every date that ends well (without weird crap afterwards) is a victory!

There is a reason a lot of people (guys and girls) are online. I fit into the niche of, I don’t meet anyone new at work and my friends have all been my friends for several years and I don’t have an expanding circle of acquaintances. I do not fit into the socially awkward, lack of etiquette group. For a blatant example, I don’t use vulgar, sexually explicit languages in my messages to people. I’m not sure why they do it, maybe because they think it’ll work or they just want to mess with someone. Either way, it’s hilariously juvenile at best and seriously disrespectful at worst. Most of all, it completely lacks good judgement– and who wants that? Continue reading