feeling butterflies

I think at some point, you know when you really like someone (and definitely when you don’t).

A few of my friends (okay, a lot of them) have asked why I haven’t been blogging. I haven’t really been dating anyone interesting, but when I think about it I think it’s because I just didn’t care all that much. I’ve dated a handful of guys in the last few months: EDM Guy, Off-Shore GuySurgery Boy, and Friend of Friend. I liked them all, but not enough to consider dating any of them seriously. Continue reading


the biggest mistake

It really is a small world out there.

While out with one of my Korean guy friends, I ran into another Korean guy I used to date who I’ll refer to as Speed Crazy. He’s what the girls call my “bad boy phase.” I should have realized early on that he wasn’t good for me, but I was younger then and more foolish. What ended up happening was complete disaster. Continue reading

wondering what if?

At some point in your life, you will wonder, what if?

My biggest what if was with “my” Mr. Big. The keyword is was. For whatever reason, our timing always sucked. He was ready and I wasn’t ready. I was ready and he wasn’t ready. The two scenarios played out multiple times in the course of the 15+ years that I’ve known him. I’ve come to an understanding about us. Timing’s important, of course, but we never really wanted each other enough to make it work. Continue reading