friends with benefits

Boys, oh boy!

I know boys say girls are confusing. Well, you boys are pretty darn ambiguous too! Sorry, I can’t read your mind. It’d be much, much easier if I could, but sadly I can’t.

I’ve talked about the danger in dating friends of friends, but it’s difficult to avoid at times when you find yourself interested when you’re gathered together and socially interacting like people do (especially when alcohol’s involved)! That’s pretty much how I met Friend of Friend. He’s not really someone I’d have met otherwise. But we’d known each other on the periphery for a year or so before we hooked up one night.

I didn’t exactly know what to make of the situation. He slept over and we then went with his friends and my friend out for a hangover cure the next day. We didn’t really talk or text all that much, but we did communicate enough for it to be confounding. And, at first, he wanted to hang out on a weekly-ish basis. Then he got busy (with work and life); then I got busy; we drifted off.

I’ll admit there wasn’t much of a connection apart for alcohol-hazed attraction. We talked, had decent conversation, but we had multiple friends in common. It made sense we could spend time with each other and mutually enjoy it. There was just something missing. He was too much of a guy’s guy, and I’m cool with guys liking guy stuff. But I want intellectual discussion of whatever strikes my fancy (which I couldn’t really get into with him).

We would hangout a few more times, when I wasn’t busy and he wasn’t busy, and we’d hook up. At times, I was a bit conflicted about what the fuck we were because I’d go out with him with his friends (so he wasn’t hiding me) and he invited me out for his birthday, BUT I didn’t care enough to really have a talk about it. He’s fun to party with, but I don’t like partying enough to make it a regular thing (and that’s his thing).

All in all, I’d say I got into a FWB situation without meaning to. I’m cool with it because he’s the perfect guy for the role. I like him as a person, but I didn’t like like him. I assume it’s the same for him because you know when a guy really likes you.

And you know when you really like him.


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