perfectly addicting drama

“Is disappearing without a heads up difficult to bear? Of course, it is. But it also makes me love him more. Because every moment that we’re together could be our last. And that makes every moment precious.” – Cheon Song Yi

You know you’re obsessed with a K drama when you try to figure out the exact lip color the main actress is wearing (see my attempts below) because you love the character and want to channel her, even if only through her makeup. Jun Ji Hyun as Cheon Song Yi in My Love From Another Star (aka You From Another Star) is amazing. You’ll recognize her as The Girl in My Sassy Girl, her break-out role in a movie that’s still high on my list of must watch rom-com’s. For this drama, Jun Ji Hyun is literally herself as a star actress, who just happens to fall in love with a 400+ year old alien living next door.

(From Top, Right to Left) Revlon in Lollipop + Tarte in Flashy, Revlon in Tutti Frutti, Tarte in Perky + Lancome in Love It, Revlon in Wild + Tarte in Swank

I haven’t anticipated a drama as much as My Love From Another Star in a long, long time. Jun Ji Hyun hasn’t been seen on the small screen in at least a decade and while I love K movies, I love K dramas. There’s something about following a good drama from start to finish as it’s airing that’s so addicting. Every week, there’s this feeling of what’s going to happen next? But you know you’ll be satisfied in some way because dramas always end in a reasonable amount of time, be it 8 weeks or 20. Sometimes, you’re let down by the fact the plot drags with inane extensions because the dramas are super popular and the broadcast companies want to milk the money for all it’s worth. And yet, there are times when dramas do deliver a full circle story.

My Love From Another Star is made completely addicting by Jun Ji Hyun’s breathing such indomitable heart into Cheon Song Yi. Don’t get me wrong, Cheon Song Yi has flaws like any good protagonist, but there’s something so inimitably likable about her despite them. After all, Kim So Hyun’s Do Min Joon fell head over heels for her and he heard every single awful, embarrassing thought she uttered in the privacy of her home thanks to his special Alien powers. Aside from Cheon Song Yi, her younger brother’s adulation and ET moment with Do Min Joon, her beer and chicken moments, the bromance between Lawyer Jang and Do Min Joon, there’s so many marvelous moments that it makes up for the overly caricature villain.

I adore My Love From Another Star and Cheon Song Yi because even though it’s fiction and fantasy, I want to love with such deepness and reverence. And I want to be loved like that in return.

“Cheon Song Yi, whom I love. It’s cold, so don’t go around wearing things that are exposed. You’re prettier when you’re covered up.


As I said last time, kiss scenes or back hug scenes are no good. So are passionate melodramas. Don’t be sick, and don’t read negative internet comments. Don’t sing alone pitifully and cry, either. Don’t eat alone, and don’t just walk into any room when you’re drunk.


Don’t look up at the sky at night and wonder uselessly which star it is. It’s not a place you can see from here. But I’m going to look every day, seeing where you are from there, and I’ll try every day to come back. No matter what it takes, I’ll find a way to be with you for a long, long time. I will.


But if… if I can’t come back… then forget it all.”- Do Min Joon


2 thoughts on “perfectly addicting drama

  1. This is the third time I’ve heard about this show on blogs. I’m intrigued. I looked up the actress to get an idea of the lip colors you were trying to recreate. She’s gorgeous! And she falls in love with an alien? What.

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