humdrum life

I don’t feel that excited anymore when I go on dates. I try to get out there, but sometimes I wonder if by dating as much as I do if the whole thing has become blasé. Or worse, that there’s something wrong with me. Maybe I can’t feel that infatuated feeling anymore.

A friend of mine and I had a recent talk about what is love? He’s not sure if he’s ever really been in love, despite being in a relationship with his girlfriend for several years. I do know I’ve been in love. I’ve already told you about Mr. Big and Mr. Surgeon. I didn’t realize for a very, very long time I was in love with Mr. Big until after he was gone. I think that might be the case with Mr. H and his girlfriend. He won’t realize what he truly feels until he’s lost it (or maybe, he just hasn’t found his Miss Right yet).

I try to keep an optimistic outlook about life. Being positive is vitally important to your mental well-being. I grant you, it can get difficult at times when certain things happen that will logically bring you down. I don’t let myself stay down for too long. As I get older, I’m getting better at keeping an even keel attitude about what happens.

Still I feel like I’m in a little bit of a funk right now. This lack of excitement has me concerned. Maybe I’m just on autopilot and letting things happen just because it’s easy and mindless. Maybe I need to make more conscious decisions about what’s going on around me. Maybe it’s time to change things up and take back control of my life.

The question is: Where do I begin?


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