sunny in houston

If you haven’t watched the Korean movie, Sunny, I highly recommend it!

This is a 2011 film, available on Netflix, chronicling the story about a group of girlfriends trying to find each other 25 years later because one of them is dying of cancer and it’s her final wish. It’s poignant without being overly sappy, detailing with loving sentimentality the bonds that hold friends together even after so many years have passed.

“Sunny” nearly brought me to tears because it’s this depth of friendship, these kind of relationships, that make us so human.

It’s a sweet reminder to be thankful for having my girlfriends. I met them all in our freshman year of college. There used to be five of us (that’s a long, frustrating story), but now there’s just four: Mrs. C, Miss H, Mrs. J, and me. We’ve made it until now, through the many ups and downs.

And, I cannot imagine my life without them.

There are times when I wished I had gone to another city for college, but I’ve never regretted being friends with them. I hope that in the years to come, what has tied us together for this decade plus, only gets stronger and better.

I cannot talk about the girls without mentioning my best friend, Miss M. I met her in a Psychology 101 class our first semester of college. I got introduced to her by her love interest, a friend from my high school days. They dated, had a relationship for 2 years, then broke up and went their separate way–but we’ve been fast friends since.

I see the girls almost every week and often multiple times a week, but Miss M and I are separated by a thousand miles and more. We talk and text, though. The frequency, or shall I say the infrequency, is charming. I think it’s the mark of great friendship when I can talk to her months later and it’s like no time has gone by. We still intimately understand each other and are always there for one another.

People are different; friendships are certainly not the same; and, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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